Manual Pneumatic Struts From $900
Electronic Remote Controlled From $1400

Outer Dimensions: 50″x32″x7.5″
Accessory Slat Wall:  46″x35″
Weight: Aprox. 125lbs

The Display Vault Manual and Electronic Models are 100% USA made in a veteran owned company. A percentage of all profits are donated to Wounded Warrior Project®

Both designs share the same quality USA Made Welded steel and aluminum construction, custom secure mounting system, and stylish protection for your valuables.

The Polycarbonate window Is hurricane resistant, flame and fire resistant, and Underwriters Laboratory Schedule 972 Burglary Resistant.

The Manual Display Vault uses hydraulic pneumatic struts to smoothly open your Display Vault when it is unlocked, while the Electronic Display Vault uses powerful linear actuators to open and close your vault with the push of a remote control!

Both designs include a variety of interior and exterior color choices, integrated lighting, clear installation instructions, in-house designed secure mounting system, and the full support from our team in St. Louis, Missouri.  In addition, all models of The Display Vault come standard with a “false floor” that matches the exterior color of your box [felt covering optional] with two, 4″x7″ HIDDEN COMPARTMENTS!

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Custom Powdercoat Colors

Every Display Vault is colored with a durable protective coloring process known as powdercoating.  Pigments are electrostaticlly applied to The Display Vault, which is then baked to complete the process.  All of our standard colors are a vibrant, textured finish – take a look at our product picker to see your options.

We can also have your Display Vault custom colored in virtually any color of the rainbow.  Contact us Today at:

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Custom Wall Printing

At The Display Vault the color options for your accessory wall are virtually limitless. Check out our product picker to see the large number of wood grain and solid color choices avaliable, or contact us for custom colors and printing

Custom colors, pictures and logos are printed directly to a white base wall. We use a UV cured 4 color CMYK printing press with high resolution to ensure the highest quality with our printed designs.

We also have a highly capable in-house design team. Contact us Today at:

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Design Your Own Vault

Pneumatic - Manual
Electronic - Remote Controlled

Flat Rate Shipping

At The Display Vault – we ship all of our Vaults securely packaged protective foam and a doubled walled box. All vaults are delivered with a flat rate shipping fee `{`additional charges may apply in CA and NY`}` and shipped LTL freight securely strapped to a pallet.

Secure Payment

Pay online using our secure checkout system and we will begin final construction of your Custom, Bespoke Display Vault immediately!

Top Quality Construction

Each and every version of The Display Vault us custom assembled in the USA by skilled workers, checked for accuracy, quality, and strength, and delivered with confidence!

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